Take your city in your hands!



Signal to report anomalies to congratulate your city.

Suggest solutions to your town hall and community.


Receive an update on the status of your contribution and follow others’.



Share your initiatives in VOXMAPP’s network;

In one click, voting, support your favourite contributions and invite your town hall to become more reactive.


Your participation is necessary for the improvement of the public space.

Social and cohesive


Discover public or private initiatives around you!

Be informed of the events such as: art, sport, solidarity, debates, etc…

Become a real actor of the public local live.

VOXMAPP puts the city in your hand


You are responsible of your city.

Participate to the decision process of your local community!


Assume your civic role!

Win civic points and discover VOXMAPP’s new facets.

Download VOXMAPP!


VOXMAPP already function everywhere in France and in Italy.