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We are not targeting Children under 13


The Voxmapp / ACTION M&D by DELESGUES SOLUTIONS – DELSOL software is using in part Apache 2 License.

The codes that are not using the Apache 2 licence remain the property of DELSOL.

All our installers, programs, source code, and documentation are provided AS-IS with no warranty or conditions, and without any liability obligations. See the license text for details.


Outside of usage analytics (typically opt-out) and crash reports (typically required), VOXMAPP /ACTION M&E software does not transmit or communicate any information (e.g., survey data) back to VOXMAPP /ACTION M&E maintainers. When we do gather data, we default to anonymous or aggregate methods.

The software we have written does not have any mechanisms that might allow us to access or control your devices or systems.

There is always the possibility that hackers can discover and exploit deficiencies or bugs in our software or in 3rd-party libraries to access or control your devices or systems.


Our software uses a number of open-source 3rd-party libraries from well-known and/or reputable sources, and a few from obscure sources. We do not vet the security of those software libraries.


Our websites under the domain use cookies and log all interactions. We also use web analytics tools (for example, Google Analytics) that may track visitors and their access patterns on our web properties.


Downloads from the Google Play Store are compiled into aggregated usage statistics.

Crash reports you elect to send are provided to us anonymously. By design, these do not contain device or user specific data.

When setting up your own web server to run VOXMAPP / ACTION M&E, if you do not configure the server and VOXMAPP / ACTION M&E to use an SSL certificate, a determined observer can see all data communicated to and from that server.

Only transmissions over a secure HTTPS connection are obscured from observers and prevent tampering in transmission.

Google App Engine and other hosting services

With all 3rd party hosting services, you should expect your data to be viewable by the support staff of the hosting service. Different services go to differing lengths to restrict access to, encrypt, and/or secure the data and communications within their data centers.

Username Authentication

When authenticating VOXMAPP / ACTION M&E usernames and passwords, an encoded form of the username’s password is stored on the server. If that encoded value is stolen or revealed, it can allow others to log in and interact with the server as that user.


When using the collection VOXMAPP / ACTION M&E, the data input from the questionnaire forms and the pictures collected by the camera are kept in VOXMAPP / ACTION M&E servers which are maintained in server that require access by authentication, however we are not guaranteeing anyone from seeing your form data and attachments unless they break the encryption.

The data collected either through the form or camera are used in dashboards that are accessible to the government and to a larger public. VOXMAPP / ACTION M&E is not guaranteeing that this information will remain confidential. The objective of this data is to improve the quality of public services and therefore it could be used and published in the attempt to do so.

The dashboards created using these data can be accessed from anywhere if made public by the administrator.


You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. See our privacy policies for additional information.




© 2013-2020 VOXMAPP by DELSOL S.A.S SIREN: 793709981. All rights reserved. Any full or partial reproduction of the site or the applications is prohibited.

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