An easy to use solution that keeps your data alive and up-to-date.

Collect quality longitudinal data, follow-up on entities across time, avoid duplicated information and foster research as a collaborative effort.
Build and connect

Connect with VoxMapp Baseline or another database and ensure easy and fast updates.


The VoxMapp Feedback mobile app is intuitive and extremely easy to use.


Enrich your datasets with multiple user participation, from third party monitoring, to questionnaire follow-ups and community driven initiatives.


Get instant access to your data, easily integrate with external analytical tools, and visualize your data in the form of maps or basic charts.


Build and connect with existing databases

  • Import forms from Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, or connect to VoxMapp Baseline.
  • Create and manage entities, these can be locations, infrastructures, facilities, patients, beneficiaries communities, villages, programs, etc.
  • Set up your data collection parameters, including user access, data collection timings and questions, GPS location and media.
  • Easily register and update entities.

Intuitive platform

  • User friendly mobile app for everyone.
  • After initial set up, enumerators simply need to update their corresponding entity according to the data collection parameters.
  • Access training videos for enumerators, monitors and questionnaire builders, on how to use the app, synchronize data, import and export questionnaires, and on general good data collection and monitoring practices.

Crowdsourced contributions

  • Predetermined user access to specific entities.
  • SSL synchronization.
  • Safeguards against data loss.
  • Create data entries even in offline settings and synchronize later.
  • View historical data on your phone.
  • Trigger activities with push-in notifications and targeted advice.

Learn from your data

  • Instant access to case and aggregated data.
  • Export your data in CSV and Excel for further analysis.
  • Easy integration with STATA for data cleaning and statistical analysis and with Tableau for beautiful visualizations.
  • Real-time statistical analysis, graphs and maps with VoxMapp Management (coming soon).
  • Analyze changes over time.
  • Build and calculate indicators through automated links.

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