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Research institutions conducting field-based experiments often do so in settings where internet connection is limited, and where data collection and monitoring are difficult. Undertaking these activities requires dealing with coordination challenges, field deployment, training of local staff, etc. often times in a short period of time then followed by a remote management of activities.
Our digital data collection tools can help with remote data collection management and monitoring of activities, while ensuring the highest quality in the data collected.
  • Data integrity determines, to a great extent, the success of a research project. VoxMapp Baseline and VoxMapp Feedback are designed with this in mind. Many field experiments take place in poorly connected areas, this is why our tools can collect data offline to be synchronized later, once connection is available. The GPS capturing works everywhere, even with no internet, and improves data reliability allowing to collect geolocated areas, to assign enumerators to specific areas, and to track their location and speed throughout a working day. Data quality mechanisms must be thought of since the designing of the survey itself. VoxMapp tools allow for questionnaire design with skip patterns, automatic validations, logical constraints, survey filling time, etc. to avoid human error and facilitate monitoring. Through VoxMapp Management you can set up automatic daily monitoring checks, customizing it with the most relevant high frequency checks. Automated daily reports to field coordinators can also be set up through the platform. We realize that many research institutions have their own monitoring processes, this is why exporting and connecting to other statistical softwares is simplified.

  • While VoxMapp Baseline is designed for cross-sectional data collection, VoxMapp Feedback is designed with longitudinal data collection and management in mind, allowing you to collect data on specific entities through time. Entities can be anything from a beneficiary of a program to a natural resource, a delimited area, a specific GPS point, a village, a school, etc. With VoxMapp Management you can easily track and manage your entities. With this feature, data collection across time is simplified by avoiding inputting the same data over and over again.

  • Our data collection app is intuitive and requires minimal learning. The license fee includes access to training material on how to use the app, how to synchronize data in offline settings, and on good practices using digital data collection tools. For questionnaire builders we have material on how to import and export questionnaires, how to use the drag-and-drop tool and enhance the survey with validations, skip patterns and logical constraints. For monitors and managers our  library includes training on how to use VoxMapp Management to monitor and manage your field data collection. VoxMapp Management is designed to be highly customizable: different users and team members can be configured to have different access permissions and views; data dashboards can include your own specific project indicators, etc.

  • Our team can help you at every stage of your evaluation design and implementation, whether you need specific targeted technical support, or a more holistic programmatic accompaniment. This includes support in conducting a needs assessment, in designing your theory of change and defining the outcomes to be measured. But also, in the development, testing and piloting of your survey tool, training of enumerators and monitoring of field activities.

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