A data collection tool built to ensure secure, reliable and high quality data.

VoxMapp Baseline is designed to support activities even in offline and complex settings with a robust system for data backup and built-in functions to support enumerators and monitors during field work.

Design complex surveys with logical constraints, skip patterns, GPS coordinates, pictures and much more.


Access our training material library containing videos and exercises for enumerators, questionnaire builders and monitors.


Collect data offline with our mobile app and synchronize securely later.


Monitor activities in real-time through the GPS tracking feature. Program automated quality checks and daily feedbacks to your teams.


Get instant access to your data, easily integrate with external analytical tools, and visualize your data in the form of maps or basic charts.


Questionnaire design

  • Create forms in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, or using our intuitive form builder (coming soon)
  • Reuse existing questions and blocks
  • Add logical constraints, skip patterns and validations
  • Enhance your survey with GPS positions, photos, videos and boundary polygons

Our support team is here to help you build the most relevant survey for your research.


  • For enumerators: videos and presentations on how to use the app, how to synchronize the data in offline settings, and on general good practices in data collection.
  • For questionnaire builders: videos and presentations on how to import and export questionnaires, how to enhance your questionnaire and include quality controls in your survey tool.
  • For monitors: videos and presentations on how to perform daily quality control and on good monitoring practices.

Our support team provides custom-made online and in-person training for your specific research project.

Collect data

  • Online and offline data collection.
  • SSL synchronization.
  • Safeguards against data loss.
  • Polygon assignment of enumerators.
  • Build-in notifications and individual messages.
  • View historical data on your phone.
  • Multiple languages (French, English, Arabic, Dari, Pashto and more to come).

Our tool is constantly evolving to better respond to your needs.

Monitor incoming data

  • Real time tracking of enumerators.
  • Create automated quality checks: questionnaire duration, high frequency checks, random checks.
  • Schedule automated reports: send daily quality check reports to your field coordinators

Our experienced team can help you create adequate data quality and accuracy checks to ensure you collect the best data possible.

Learn from your data

  • Export your data in CSV and Excel for further analysis.
  • Easy integration with STATA for data cleaning and statistical analysis and with Tableau for beautiful visualizations.
  • Real-time statistical analysis, graphs and maps with VoxMapp Management (coming soon).

Our team can support you in the process of cleaning your data, connecting it to live Tableau dashboards developed by ourselves, and in building up your reports.

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