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Organizations are dealing with mobility constraints, the use of digital solutions is increasing. Digitization efforts have to come hand in hand with a responsible use of data, security, inclusion, and the need to think of digital citizenship.
Agriculture, education, health and justice ministries: improve transparency of government services and assess their impact + improve service quality and lower costs of delivery + optimize use of resources + foster innovation + proactively engage citizens and business communities.
Our tools ensure a rigorous monitoring and evaluation process.
  • Poor or even no internet connection is a common problem in rural and remote areas. Many times these are the areas where development interventions will take place. Our data collection tools – VoxMapp Baseline and VoxMapp Feedback – are designed to effectively capture data offline, and securely synchronize later once connection is available, ensuring no data is lost.

  • Not only can you collect geolocated information associated with each survey submission, but also our GPS tracking tool allows you to follow the path and speed of your enumerator during their working day. The GPS data is captured even when there is no connectivity, and sent to the server later. You can visualize this through Tableau dashboards or directly in VoxMapp Management. It will help you address issues as they occur and pinpoint data issues to be solved.

  • Collecting high quality data is only possible with the right tools and thorough supervision. Using a digital tool, if working properly, is already helpful in checking and solving issues as they occur. Quality checking mechanisms must be thought of since the survey design moment: you can decide to include GPS tracking, GPS location, questionnaire duration, logical constraints, skipping patterns and validations to avoid human error. Once you receive the data you can extract it to your preferred statistical software to perform high frequency checks, or set up automated checks in VoxMapp Management. The platform allows you to flag entries based on customizable checks, and generate daily automated reports to be sent to your field coordinators.

  • Our experienced team can help your designing and implementing your tools with monitoring and evaluation processes in mind. We provide targeted technical and programmatic support, customizable to your project and team needs. At VoxMapp we also know that monitoring and evaluation is only one part of the data supply chain. This is why we also provide holistic accompaniment and assessment of new or existing projects, from the conception and design of the project and tool, to its implementation, and evaluation.

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